Sigma Xi – Chapter History



Sigma Xi Graduate Chapter was chartered August 31, 1977 in Champaign Illinois. The charter members of Sigma Xi consisted of college instructors, community businessmen and graduate students.  The rapport that these men had in the community was outstanding. Sigma Xi Charter Members:

Bro. Richard Barksdale ΙΩ 46, Bro. Jefferson Humphrey ΤΥ 51, Bro. Phillip Norman ΕΟ 53, Bro. Frederick Rodgers ΞΦ 57, Bro. James Anderson ΡΓ 63, Bro. Dennis May Β 66, Bro. Anthony Maddox ΟΨ 72, Bro. Jesse Hargrove ΘΣ 72 and Bro. William “Bill” Dye ΝΧ 59. The first Basileus of Sigma Xi was Brother Richard Barksdale.

Sigma Xi was originally charted to be a reclamation chapter and to facilitate the re-activation of the undergraduate chapter at the University of Illinois. The conception of Sigma Xi chapter started developing in the spring of 1976. Maintaining membership with Sigma Xi initially was a concern due to Brothers leaving the Champaign-Urbana community after attaining their Graduate and or Doctorate degrees to pursue their chosen career.

As a result, the chapter went inactive in the late 80’S. However, the nucleus of the brotherhood stood fast on the four cardinal principles and persevered through the many changes. While continuing to support the local community, the brothers never lost sight of re-activating the Graduate Chapter in Champaign. In 1992, the faithful few that remained in Champaign were once again looking for the opportunity to carry out the goal of re-activating the chapter. Reaching back and remembering “See it Through,” the brothers decided the best way to solve this problem was to meet it head on, with this in mind, the brothers began soliciting the aid of others to create the corner stone of Omega Psi Phi in Champaign, Illinois.

Sigma Xi has served the Champaign community through years of dedication. The brothers have participated in all aspects of the community; from raising money for scholarships to providing toys for tots. Presently the Brothers of Sigma Xi have raised and given away over $40,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The commitment of Sigma Xi has always been to keep the great light of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity burning brightly throughout the community.

Since its inception, the chapter has dealt with the loss of brothers. The Memorial Scholarship Award was named after our chapter brothers who have been called to Omega Chapter:

Bro. Richard Barksdale, Bro. Steven Blasingame, Bro. Charles Henderson, Bro. Jefferson Humphrey, Bro. Dennis May, Bro. Phillip Rowell, Bro. Otha Williams, Bro. Norman Lambert, Bro Frederick Rodgers, Bro. Cyprus Hughes, and Bro. Jonathan Westfield. 

The vision of the chapter changed in the year 2001, when the first line was initiated. Sigma Xi is still a home away from home to Brothers enrolling at the University of Illinois as graduate students and or faculty as well as Brothers relocating to Central Illinois due to their careers. To this day Sigma Xi is a small thriving chapter with a current financial membership of 20+ Brothers working hard in the name of OMEGA.